Through different ways of Merchandising, we help companies create and execute clear focused and compelling distribution strategies that meet their business needs.

The focus of FMT is to enable companies maximize on their RTM potential, grow market share, enhance customer/consumer experience satisfaction and ultimately grow revenue in an increasingly competitive environment.

Simply put, at FMT we work towards getting your product to the customer/consumer at the right time and at the right place.

Our way to merchandising

The market is expanding rapidly as more consumers get exposed, shifting purchase decision due to the variation in purchase drivers. With current market dynamics and an evolving n consumer, it's becoming increasingly tougher for companies to win the battle for market share at the point of purchase.

Mass media may keep a product at the top of mind, but the final decision is made at the point of purchase when the customer is staring at the product on the shelves.

To grow sales and market share, there is need to offer support to brands through relationship cultivation, driving availability and visibility in new and existing markets

Merchandising Touch point

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, beauty shops, wines and spirit. Kiosks, dukas and stores.

Our mission is to ensure that your brand is top of mind and present when shoppers make the final decision to purchase.